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Class Shedule [06 Jan 2006|01:15am]
This is the class schedule that all students must abide by. The classes are mandatory. Most of these classes will not have teachers RP-ed by players. The main focus of the classes and most of this RP is the interaction between the students. Although some classes may have teachers if player decides to be a teacher.
Note: (Time - Class - Length - Teacher)

10am - Advanced Sciences (lecture) - 90 mins

1pm - Historic Events - 120 mins

1oam - Advanced Mathematics - 90 mins

9 am - World Geographics - 50 mins

11pm - Advanced Sciences (Lab) - 120 mins

11am - Cultural Literature - 90 mins

Independant Study
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Room List [06 Jan 2006|01:02am]
Here is the room setup for the student dormitories and the teacher apartments. Students live in a two story building. the bottom floor is basically a huge lounge area containg a television, lounge area, pool & ping pong tables, computer lab, and study lounge. The second floor contains all ten student rooms, a communal bathroom/shower area loacted in the center, and a extra room for a resident assistant.

Student rooms:
~Left side of hall~
3) Kodi
~Right side of hall~
11) Resident Assitant

Professors Apartments:
1) Headmaster Ichijima
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The Rebirth [05 Jan 2006|02:27am]
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So it's a new year, and guess what? That means this community is no longer going to be dead. We are restarting and changing alot of things. For one, WE HAVE MOVED!! This RP will no longer be played at yaoi_high We have moved to a new name for many reasons. We are now located at yamada_rp.

Well there a lot of new things. I beleive the main reason this RP died is because 1) I'm lazy and 2) I was thinking too big. So therfor after many months of stagnating and thinking I have decided to re-open to RP. We have moved to yamada_rp because I wanted to start fresh, and because I didn't want to go through and delete everything we created. yaoi_high will still be open for those who want to reclaim characters/pictures/whatever. The links will remain active until someone on LJ deletes them. I will not.

Well besides the new location...EVERYTHING. We will now be a mainly AIM based RP. It's just easier for us to RP on Aim and then post the RP on LJ.

There will only be 10 students this time around. Each player is alotted two free student characters, meaning that there may only be 5 players at one time in the RP. this is my way of making sure I can keep track of who is active and who is not. If a player ends up being inactive they will be booted and applications will be accepted to tke their place. All of the new rules can be found in the new community info.

Posting acess in yamada_high is only given to those playing one of the characters. Everyone who adds the community can read the posts but only those accepted may play.

I will make a post and advertize in a few communities when I am ready to start accepting applications. Be aware that I will not delete anything any of us had previously posted in case someone wants to keep the info. You may jois the new community with the same character or a new one. This is a new storyline, with some planned events. Everything should be alot more managble now that there are fewer people to deal with. I'm sorry for anyone who is inconvienced by these changes. And as always...


(Hope to see you @ yamada_rp)
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